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Vina Mujeres Itata

Pais/Cinsault Wine 2020 “Moon Breeze”

A red blend made from the emblematic Pais vine and Cinsault, both planted in Itata.

País Cinsault 2020 Vina Mujeres Itata

Terroir wine Made on the Las Ñipas estate. A Pais/Cinsault blend 2020 D.O Valle del Itata, Secano Interiior, Ranquil.

Tasting sheet

    • Varieties: 50% Cinsault and 50% País.
    • Alcoholic Degree: 12,8 %
    • Appellation of origin: Itata Valley, Secano Interior, Ranquil,
    • Soil: The vineyard sits on Fundo Ñipas. The soil is composed of sediments of volcanic sands, coming from fluvial-alluvial deposits and others in combination with granitic intrusive base material.
    • Viticulture:The harvest is only of the own grapes from vines that are more than 35 years old (Cinsault) and more than 80 years (Pais). These vines are cultivated organically, using traditional methods involving both human labor and animal assistance. The grapes are selected manually. Both grapes come from small Cinsault and País plots within our vineyard.
    • Elaboration: Vinification in native Chilean wood presses (raulí), stored in 600-liter French oak barrels for approximately 12 months and then bottled in underground cellars.
    • Tasting notes:Appearance: Light amaranth red with crimson hues and dark berry reflections along the edges. On the nose: white chocolate, berries, strawberry and raspberry jam. On the palate it is subtle, elegant and balanced, sharp acidity and something mineral that gives character and complexity.
    • Ideal service temperature: 16º – 18º Celcius.
    • Service technique: Serve this wine at the recommended temperature to allow it to oxygenate in a glass or decanter.
    • Maridaje: Dulces (chocolate, nutella, berries, ciruelas secas bañadas en chocolate, brownie, dulce de leche, galletitas, bombones).

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