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Vina Mujeres Itata

Carignan 2022

A wine that fully represents the Itata Carignan grape variety to enjoy with family

Carignan 2022 - Vina Mujeres Itata

Terroir wine Made on the Las Ñipas estate. A Carbonic Maceration Carignan from Ranquil, Secano Interior, Itata Valley, DO.

Tasting sheet

  • Varieties: 100% Carignan variety (Cariñena or Mazuelo).
  • Alcoholic degree: 12.2%
  • Origin: Itata Valley, Ranquil.
  • Soil: It is derived from decomposed granitic rock. This unique soil allows the grapevine roots to penetrate deep into the soil and rock, while also containing a significant percentage of clay that helps retain moisture and provide water to the plant.
  • Viticulture: Its grapes come from a small hill of 2.8 hectares within our vineyard in Fundo Ñipas. The plants are conducted in the traditional “head” system (Gobelet) and were planted in 1960.
  • Elaboration: The grapes are harvested manually. The vinification process for this Carignan involves the use of whole clusters, which are fermented in hermetic stainless steel tanks without oxygen, and with the addition of carbon dioxide (CO2). during the vinification process, the grape berries undergo intracellular fermentation inside the whole clusters, eventually leading to the berries breaking and releasing their juices spontaneously. After a period of approximately 14 days, the juice is extracted from the whole clusters using a vertical press and then transferred to a stainless steel tank to continue the fermentation process.
  • Tasting notes: This wine is a fantastic example of “spontaneous” production, boasting a palate that is filled with freshness and a pronounced fruity expression reminiscent of “bubble gum” and raspberries. Its lightness and pleasant mouthfeel make it a unique and distinct version of the traditional Carignan. It is definitely a very unique wine for us. We invite you to enjoy it.
  • Ideal service temperature: 16º a 18º Celcius.
  • Serving technique: Serve, serve, and serve.
  • Pairing: It pairs beautifully with meats, sausages, and dishes with smoked flavors, enhancing the savory and smoky notes in the food while complementing its fruity and fresh characteristics.
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