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Vina Mujeres Itata

Cinsault Family Wine 2020 “Girl of my eyes”

A terroir wine originating from the Las Ñipas estate, which represents 100% the Cinsault of the Itata valley. To enjoy with family and your loved ones.

Cinsault 2005 - Viña Mujeres Itata Ñipanto

Tasting sheet

  • Variety: 100% Cinsault.
  • Alcoholic Degree: 12,8 %
  • Appellation of origin: Itata Valley, Secano Interior, Ranquil,
  • Soil: The vineyard sits in the Ñipas Estate. With basaltic sand soils, from fluvial-alluvial deposits
  • Viticulture: Harvest only our own grapes from vines more than 35 years of age, they are grown organically, by man and animal. The grapes are selected manually. They come from a small Cinsault plot of 1.5 hectares in our vineyard.
  • Elaboration: Vinification in native Chilean wood presses (raulí), stored in 600-liter French oak barrels for approximately 12 months and then bottled in underground cellars.
  • Tasting Notes: With a bright and youthful purplish red color, the wine exhibits a light and translucent body. The aroma is both floral and intense, with notes of violets, jasmine, and fresh seasonal fruits such as plums and blackberries. In the mouth, the red fruit, plum, and strawberry intensifies, and then the exquisite vanilla appears, rounding off the finish.
  • Ideal service temperature: 16º – 18º Celcius.
  • Service technique: Serve this wine at the recommended temperature to allow it to oxygenate in a glass or decanter.
  • Pairing: Cheese board, charcuterie, Sierra or any smoked fish from the area, rolled and/or ham, olives, serrano ham.
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