Un tesoro de la región de Ñuble, Chile.

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Vina Mujeres Itata

Welcome to Viña mujeres itata

A vineyard with a stamp of feminine energy in Valle del Itata.

experiential Wine Tourism

Come visit us and live a beautiful sensory experience linked to wine!


Our terroir wines

We produce wines that reflect the expression of the Itata Valley. With century-old vines that give rise to wines with a sense of place, balance, and character, combining nature and humanity.

Viña Mujeres Itata Team

About us

Our story emerges like the cycle of the Moon.


Grapes only of our vineyard


Manual harvest and controlled production


Family and artisan vineyard


Family and artisan vineyard

Manual harvest of grapes from our field

Controlled production

Good vibes




Our vineyards

Where are we?

In the interior drylands of the Itata Valley, between the Coastal Range and the Andes Range.” Specifically, the vineyard is located in the El Barco area, Ránquil commune, Ñuble Region, Chile. This, about 450 km south of the city of Santiago. We are about 35 minutes from the city of Chillán and 60 minutes from Concepción, on the Itata highway (route 0 66 N).


This valley has a humid Mediterranean climate with lower temperatures compared to other valleys. It experiences well-defined seasons and receives abundant sunlight and oceanic influence from the nearby Pacific Ocean.


The soils are granite-based and have basaltic sands, where clay, sand, volcanic stones, and quartz underlie the development of gentle slopes without “added” irrigation (dry farming”secano”).

¿What is TERROIR?

It is a term that includes factors such as grape varieties, climate, soil, and the human factor. This is where the cultural heritage inherited from our ancestors comes in and how we work the land and the methods we use to make our wines.

How can I learn more about the Vineyard?

Visit us! We are always ready to receive you and show you our field, winery, and facilities. Our objective is that we have a unique experience, tasting our wines and eating local food.

Varieties planted

To the traditional plots of País (Mission), Moscatel de Alejandría (Italy), Cinsault (or charger), Carignan, which date from 1950 onwards, in the 1980s new, more modern Bordeaux-style varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah and Pinot Noir were incorporated.






Cabernet Sauvignon de vina mujeres itata

Cabernet Sauvignon






Moscatel de Alejandría


Pinot Noir

Carignan planted in Vina Mujeres Itata


“We are concerned throughout the year about respecting the vegetative cycle of the vine. Only from a healthy grape can a good wine be made.”

Our wines

Since 2019 we have opened our doors to Wine Tourism. We will be happy to receive you in the vineyard and show you our facilities, house and to share and learn with you. We have prepared 4 different activities: You can see them below:


Pais 2020

Pais 2020

Cinsault 2020

Cinsault 2020

País Cinsault 2020 Vina Mujeres Itata

País Cinsault 2020

Carignan 2022 - Vina Mujeres Itata

Carignan 2022

Cinsault 2005 - Viña Mujeres Itata Ñipanto

Cinsault 2005

Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 - Ñipanto Viña Mujeres Itata

Cabernet Sauvignon 2005


Since 2019 our family has opened its doors to Wine Tourism. In 2022 we obtained the Award for Best Emerging Vineyard, which has motivated us a lot. (You can read more here about this award ) We will be happy to welcome you to the vineyard and show you our facilities, winery, vineyards, and fields to share and learn with you. We have prepared 4 different activities: You can see them below:


Tour and Tasting

Sensory Tastings


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Feel free to contact us to learn more about our wines, history, the Itata Valley and our winery Viña Mujeres Itata We will always be delighted to read to you, listen to you, and receive you in our region with the heart that characterizes the people of Itata. We hope to meet you soon!

Vina Mujeres Itata

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