Un tesoro de la región de Ñuble, Chile.

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Vina Mujeres Itata

Our story emerges like the cycle of the Moon.

1.- New Moon

The beginnings of everything

Viña Mujeres Itata is a small vineyard that was originally established by Bernardino Alarcón Ramírez in the 1930s, and it has been cultivated and preserved for three generations. For many years, our family has been producing wines that reflect our passion for the Itata terroir and our love for winemaking, which we see as a way of honoring the legacy that our ancestors have passed down to us. Our mission is to protect and take care of what we have. Continuously improve the production of high-quality wines faithful to their origin, using cultivation methods that are respectful of nature, as well as artisanal and simplistic winemaking processes.

2.- Crescent Moon

Taking shape

We have been growing slowly, recognizing the sublime relationship between the vine and the female figure. In their majestic nature, both forcefully bring Life, expressed in perfect and magical fruit. We value the strength, perseverance and resilient greatness of the beautiful vines of the coastal dry land of this ancient and beautiful land that is Itata.

In our loving care and protection of both the vines and their fruits, we ensure that each new cycle of transformation surprises us with magnificent results. This honors the ancestral memory of the land and its people, bringing together those from different places and spaces

3.- Full Moon


Today, Viña Mujeres Itata, under the leadership of María Loreto Alarcón Müffeler, third generation and first woman in the family line, brings new and renewed airs, trying to produce wines with a strong sense of identity and that faithfully and naturally reflect their origin and the particularity of this place inside Itata Valley..

4.- Waning Moon:

Learning and innovation

Given the characteristics of the soil and the climatic conditions of the area where the vineyard is located, added to the ancestral understanding and passion for the care of the vines, the philosophy of Viña Mujeres Itata could not be other than to produce wines that reflect the potential of their land. Here, we prioritize the site, that is, that they denote its origin, in that simplicity, we seek not to intervene with a “style” of winemaking, that a particular winemaker or winemaker can bring, but rather we value what that site is capable of to give us. Ideally to its greatest potential, which will undoubtedly give rise to unique, honest wines with a strong sense of identity.

This, we believe, is also achieved by following the family legacy of living “in” and “by” the vineyard, immersed in its mystery, its natural cycles, its ineffable strength, and its wonderful potential to produce unique, intimate food that not only reflects nature but also humanity.

Behind the project

Hi! I’m Maria Loreto Alarcon Muller. Thanks for visiting. I invite you to meet part of the team that makes it possible for Viña Mujeres Itata to become a reality. It will be a pleasure that you can enjoy our wines and that you can visit us at our vineyard in the Itata Valley.

Our Team

I invite you to meet part of the team that makes it possible for Viña Mujeres Itata to become a reality. In our vineyard, the production processes are in charge of local women.

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