Un tesoro de la región de Ñuble, Chile.

Loreto: +56984494355

Vina Mujeres Itata


Hours based on availability.

Ñipas farm in Viña Mujeres Itata, Ñuble Region.


Price to be defined depending on the event.

+4 hours.

Ask for the number of people / There is no limit.


Description of the activity:

At the winery, there is a place for every occasion and every type of meeting. Therefore, w can offer spaces that facilitate the exchange of ideas, work on your projects and strengthen the passion for your goals, always surrounded by the natural and traditional environment and under careful standards of quality and service.

Our invitation is to live an unforgettable experience: visit a small hidden treasure in the heart of the Itata Valley, in southern Chile. Walk through our small plots with vineyards scattered among its gentle hills Our experiential tourism and wine tourism offer you a way to connect with the local culture respectfully and harmoniously, embracing the way of life of our villages, and enjoying their gastronomy, traditions, and rural surroundings at your own pace a relaxed and quite environment. Here you will find a real alternative to the busy city life. Here, you will have the opportunity to witness breathtaking vistas, explore a wine cellar, and visit a barrel room, where you can indulge in the finest wines crafted on a small scale by its owner, María Loreto. These wines have been renowned for their distinct personality and identity, with many of them receiving prestigious awards and recognition at national and South American levels.




Visit to the wine cellar and vineyards.


Organization of the activity.


Wine tasting

  • It does not have a defined itinerary. To be agreed according to the needs of the company/family/clients.
  • Consult for lunches, weddings, and special events.
What should you bring?
  • A desire to enjoy and connect with nature
  • Comfortable clothes, hat, sunscreen.
  • Make sure to come thirsty.
Terms and Conditions - Important

For any questions about the tour, please write to loreto.alarcon.ml@gmail.com.

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2 hrs, 15.000 CLP p/p

Tour & Tasting

Viña Mujeres Itata

Discover a hidden treasure in the Itata Valley. We invite you to live a unique experience and taste excellent wines.

Ñipas farm in Viña Mujeres Itata, Maule.

4 people minimum per tour.

Tour for people over 18+

Viña Mujeres welcoming visitors

2 hrs, Variable CLP

Sensory Tastings

Viña Mujeres Itata

Learn about our tasting experiences. Live a sensory experience with the owner Loreto Alarcón and her team.

Ñipas farm in Viña Mujeres Itata, Maule.

4 people minimum per tour.

Tour for people over 18+

About Viña Mujeres Itata

We invite you to get to know us a little more before visiting us. For any questions, our team will always be ready to help. Follow us on our social networks and stay informed of what we do.


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